Too Many Kitchen Disasters. . .

Well, folks, this week’s post is really ‘no post.’

It seems that the kitchen gods were not shining brightly on me this week (maybe it’s Mercury in Retrograde?), too many things I have attempted have not ended well, and I have run out of minutes. . .

The last time I wrote about my kitchen disasters was in 2015 (you can read it here) and I still have at least one ’emergency cake’ in my freezer at any given moment.  By no means have I had zero disasters since 2015, though!  I’m reminded of some recent mishaps, like the Christmas dinner I prepared last year, when it seemed to take 2 hours for green beans to roast in the oven (only to still be tough when served) or the red wine sauce that just refused to reduce/ thicken; or my recent substitution of sun-dried tomatoes for roasted red peppers in a topping, which was a tangy, off-putting mess; and, of course, the eggplants I roasted today that burned beyond recognition because I got myself immersed in Instagram.  This is just the short list.

Having a lot of experience in the kitchen does not make you infallible!  And if you ever feel like you’re a terrible cook, or you don’t want to attempt something because you think it will be difficult, or a disaster, fear not.  Even when you’re confident in the kitchen, things can go wrong, an ingredient will fail you (like inactive baking powder, dairy products that have gone bad but you had no idea until you needed them, etc.), your equipment will let you down, or, you’ll get preoccupied checking your social media and forget about that thing you had in the oven.  But it’s all part of the process, and each time we learn something.

So, today, please enjoy this photo of succulents and Citronella Geranium in my garden.  And, hopefully, next week I’ll have a successful recipe to share 🙂



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