Tip for Maintaining Long-Lasting Kitchen Cabinets


Your kitchen remodeling team has completed your installation on schedule and the results are stunning. You already knew cabinet refacing to be an affordable and time-efficient option. But, now that you can see the results in person. Wow! Your kitchen is beautifully transformed beyond expectations. So, how do you keep those stunning cabinets looking showroom new? 

Frequent Care Can Keep Your Cabinetry Beautiful for Years to Come


Product quality and longevity both play an important role in helping you to get the most bang for your buck once your kitchen remodel is complete. And, maintaining the original beauty of your new kitchen cabinets is a lot a lot easier when you start from the very beginning. Frequent care and maintenance of your cabinets will also help maintain any improvement value that your remodel added to your home.

Over time, the regular use of your kitchen will create a dull, sticky film that can deteriorate even the best made cabinetry. That's because the typical kitchen is a chemistry lab of sorts - where the preparation and cooking of food combines with heat and dust. So, the experts at Kitchen Magic have gathered a few basic tips regarding the care and maintenance of refaced kitchen cabinets to keep your remodeled kitchen looking like new!

Laminate Cabinet Door Care


If you choose laminate cabinet doors, it's with good reason! They are sleek, beautiful and offer low maintenance care. Simply dust frequently, at least every two weeks, and follow up with a soft damp cloth sprayed with a laminate-approved cleaning agent. You can also use a soft cloth dipped into a diluted mixture of gentle dish soap and water and wring dry. Follow with a quick, damp cloth rinse with plain water. The final step, buff dry with a soft, dry cloth. Voila! It's that simple. 

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Tips for All Cabinet Doors

Treat your refaced laminate or wood cabinets well, and they will return the favor. Try to avoid any extreme heat, excess water, and cooking smoke in your kitchen whenever possible. Exposure to any of these may discolor or even damage refaced and natural surfaces.  

  • Although durable, laminate cabinet doors are susceptible to incorrect usage. Avoid scratches, cracks, and indents with cabinet-friendly only practices. Avoid kicking, slamming or leaning against cabinet doors.

  • Be sure to use a hood fan every time you use your stove for cooking. A powerful fan is the best way to pull out any smoke, gases, and cooking substances that may be released into the air.   

  • Never use an abrasive cleaning pad or any sharp or abrasive objects, as doing so can cause scratches or deep nicks. 

  • Never use harsh chemicals, such as acetone, ammonia, bleach, abrasive powder, or gel cleaners. 

  • Additionally, if you use candles for entertaining or during a power outage, be sure to keep any lit candles away from your cabinetry. 

Generally, bi-monthly care with the correct product/s is the best insurance to preserve and maintain your new cabinetry for years to come. 

For more information on our maintenance-free cabinet doors, simply call us at 800-272-5490 and request your free design consultation! It's easy, informative and there's absolutely no obligation.

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