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Cherry wood is a beautiful wood species that brings a warm and formal touch to a room and is mostly recognized by its smooth, distinctive wood grain and reddish brown hue. Character cherry contains heartwood which gives the wood a reddish brown color, while solid cherry contains sapwood giving it a creamy white color. Character Cherry also tends to heavily show knots and wormholes which adds eye-catching detail. Cherry cabinets have been a popular choice throughout the years, especially as a kitchen design. Although cherry cabinets are beautiful when finished in a clear coat, they are even more beautiful when finished with one of our stained cabinet finishes.

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While beautiful when left to their natural color with a clear finish, a cherry and character cherry cabinet really shines when finished in one of our many stained finishes. Stains are available on a multitude of wood door styles including; Arlington Square, Harmony, Millbrook Arch, Prairie, and more. There are many combinations of door style, drawer fronts, and finish options to choose from when selecting a color for your cherry cabinetry, contact your local hincoo dealer today to review your options.

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Cherry and Character Cherry material cabinets are available in our framed and frameless cabinet product lines with various door panel options, including raised panels. The framed cabinetry product lines offer a more extensive selection of door styles and finish combinations. In framed cabinetry, wood doors are made using rail and stile technique, mitered joint technique, or cope and tenon joinery.  Frameless cabinet doors, in the Aspire Frameless product line, are made of similar construction methods, but are attached directly to the cabinet box instead of the cabinet face frame.

Door styles made from Cherry and Character Cherry are rarely ever finished with a painted option. These materials are commonly finished in a stain to ensure a reveal of their natural graining and beauty. These Stained Finishes range from a light, natural look to a dark, rich stain. Every stain is available with an added Glaze finish technique to help accentuate the nooks and crannies of the door style. These Glaze techniques are hand applied by one of our dedicated workers and make up a portion of our WellGuard Finishing System to ensure a long lasting and durable finish.

Cherry Cabinet FAQs


Should cherry wood be stained?


Although cherry wood is beautiful when finished with a clear coat, when cherry doors are sanded and stained, the natural beauty of the wood grain is shown and amplified. Staining does not have to be associated with a dark, rich finish; hincoo Cabinet offers a variety of light, almost natural looking stains to simply showcase the wood grain.


How long does it take for cherry to darken?


When exposed to direct sunlight, the darkening process is most noticeable in the first six months. The longer cherry cabinets are exposed to direct, natural sunlight, the more intense the color becomes.


How do you keep cherry wood from turning dark?


Cherry wood should be kept away from direct sunlight to keep them from darkening. If your cabinet doors are in the path of direct sunlight from a window above the sink or some other source of sunlight, it is important to hang a curtain or blinds to block as much natural sunlight from hitting the cabinet doors.

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